Shackerstone Parish Council

Serving Shackerstone, Congerstone, Bilstone, Odstone & Barton in the Beans

Clerk: Helen Chadwick
The Dairy, Village Farm, Main
Street, Stanford on Soar
Loughborough, Leics LE12 5QA

Tel: 07827 785836

Cemeteries, Burials and Cremations

When historic churchyards have no space available for new burials the Church has a right to close the churchyard and request the civil Parish Council to a)maintain the closed Churchyard and b)provide a new burial ground for the Parish.

In the case of Congerstone and Shackerstone Churches, this stage was reached in 1987. Thanks to the willingness of the Crown Estates to sell strips of agricultural land adjacent to both Churchyards, the Parish Council was able to open two new cemeteries in1993. These cemeteries, whilst adjacent to the Churchyards, are administered separately. As civil burial grounds they were dedicated (not consecrated) by the Assistant Bishop for new burials and are administered by the Parish Council (which is an elected civil authority, not to be confused with the Diocesan Church Council or Parochial Church Council).

The Churches retain responsibility for burials of family members in existing graves in the old churchyards, although it is believed there are only one or two graves to which this may apply.

All new graves must be in the civil cemeteries administered by Shackerstone Parish Council. The first approach must be to the Clerk who will confirm that the deceased person has a right (residence or close connections to the Parish) to be buried there.

The Clerk will then allocate a grave or cremation plot from the Cemetery Plan. Funerals will normally be conducted by funeral directors who will arrange their own gravedigger to attend and open the grave, normally the day before the interment. They will notify the Clerk who will go to the cemetery to mark the grave just before the gravedigger is due to attend. The funeral directors are responsible for re-filling the grave and leaving it in a tidy condition, also for coming to level and grass the grave in due course. Following a burial the funeral directors must return the Green Form to the Parish Council to enable the Clerk to inform the Registrar that the burial has been carried out.

If the family wishes to put up a memorial this must also be first notified to the Clerk who will approve the design and advise the Parish Council's charges.

The Parish Council holds a list of approved gravediggers and no-one who is not on this list is permitted to excavate in the cemeteries.

If the Clerk is not available messages may be left on her voice mail and she will respond as soon as possible. If she is unavailable for longer than 3 days, e.g. on holiday, the cemetery Plan will be left with a Parish Councillor and all Parish Councillors will be notified who to contact for assistance.

(Note: For burials in Barton in the Beans, this Churchyard is still open for new burials and is administered by Barton Fabis Baptist Church.)